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The National

The Benjamin is proud to introduce SNACK BOX, a new collection of treats curated by Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian. To evolve the concept of a hotel mini bar, Zakarian considered suppliers that were incorporating farm-fresh and organic ingredients into their products. Expect offerings from small-batch producers and New York & Brooklyn snacks with a loyal local following.

Here are some highlight’s from Geoffrey’s Snack Box selections:

  • Kookaburra Licorice (black) – Geoffrey Zakarian’s favorite snack, born in Australia and now based in Washington State, is a gourmet-style licorice enjoyed by Aussies for over 60 years. When the owners of this family owned and operated company came to the USA and realized they didn’t have their favorite treat here, they decided to bring it over.
  • Tate's Bake Shop - Chocolate Chip Cookies – Top-selling cookies made from farm-fresh ingredients in the bustling resort community of Southampton, New York, just hours from Manhattan, at Tate’s Bake Shop have been referred to as “the number one cookie in America.” Crispy, crunchy and caramel-tinged with smooth semisweet chocolate chips, these will quickly become your favorite cookie.
  • Bobbysue’s Nuts! – “Just a little sweet, these are the luxury version of beer nuts, rich in protein and just plain delicious,” says The New York Times. Made in Chappaqua, NY (about an hour north of Manhattan and where the Clintons call home), a portion of every sale goes to building local animal shelters.
  • Bearded Brothers-Colossal Coconut Mango – Made in Austin, TX, these energy bars include all organic ingredients: dates, almonds, dried mango, coconut flakes, chia seeds & sea salt. The founders, who have a love for the outdoors and traveling, coupled with a passion for raw organic foods, saw a need for tasty, organic energy bars to fuel their adventures. And so this handmade snack-food company was born.
  • North Fork Potato Chips (Original, Barbeque and Salt & Vinegar) – Hearty chips, kettle cooked in nothing but real sunflower oil from, from a husband and wife team (husband farms potatoes, wife makes the chips) are all natural, no preservatives added, and made with the most environmentally-friendly farming methods. One of just a handful of potato farmers that make their own chips, these are cut twice as thick as regular chips for maximum crunchiness (minimal greasiness).
  • Emmy's Macaroons-Choco Orange – Who would have ever guessed that a raw, vegan, gluten-free snack could taste this good? With the perfect blend of dark chocolate and an undertone of sweet citrus flavor, this is a chocolate lover’s delight guaranteed to satisfy a sweet tooth. This treat features organic ingredients such as shredded coconut, raw agave nectar, raw cacao powder and coconut and orange oils.
  • Kings County Jerky Co. - Korean BBQ – The authentic taste of fire-grilled Korean beef that is just the right blend of heat and sweet. Made with grass-fed beef, brown sugar, tamari, Korean red pepper paste, toasted sesame seeds and garlic, this snack is nearly a meal in itself.
  • Mast Brothers Chocolate with Sea Salt Bar – A quick jaunt off the L train, Mast Brothers founders Michael and Rick—two bearded Iowa boys—now produce their cocoa bean-to-bar operation in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. With vibrant flavors, a result of using a high cocoa content of up to 75%, the chocolate bars’ cocoa beans are sourced mostly from small farms in the Dominican Republic, Belize, and Madagascar.
  • Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups - Founded by Justin Gold in Boulder, Colorado in 2004, the company started with an idea, lots of ambition, a simple food processor and the highest quality ingredients available. Justin made his first batches of his now famous, culinary nut butters in his home kitchen. The Peanut Butter Cups are certified organic, gluten-free, daily-free and vegan. They incorporate fair-trade chocolate as well. This candy is free of hydrogenated oils, preservatives, trans fats and high fructose corn syrup.
  • Baked in Brooklyn – All Natural Pita Chips – Sea Salt – If touring the famous Green-Wood Cemetery on Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn, do not be surprised to smell home-baked bread. You’re not having a paranormal sensory encounter, but rather encountering the savory goodness of Baked in Brooklyn, where these “baked not fried” pita chips are prepared and packaged.