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  • Bed with plush owl and blanket at The Benjamin Hotel

Hotel Launches a New Floor Of Master Sleep Suites


Noteworthy Sleep Program, Rest & Renew, is Re-Launched with the Unveiling of Master Sleep Suites on the 26th Floor of the Hotel, Backed by Science, Experts and New Partners.

February 2020, New York, NY – The Benjamin, a luxury boutique hotel in midtown Manhattan and home to Geoffrey Zakarian’s The National Bar & Dining Rooms, has long been known for its sleep-focused offerings, from working with in-house Sleep Experts & a Sleep Concierge team, to a lengthy pillow menu; here sleep is core, not coincidence. Productivity and self-care stem from a good night’s sleep, & The Benjamin is the premiere luxury hotel offering an extensive sleep program to allow guests’ productivity.

The refreshed Rest & Renew sleep program, with the addition of Master Sleep Suites taking over the 26th floor, includes a new experiential offering backed by science. When booking a Master Sleep Suite package, a personalized sleep consultation with Dr. Rebecca Robbins, is included. The consultation will include a personal sleep assessment and tailored solutions to improve sleep, beat fatigue, and improve daytime alertness. Dr. Robbins will identify the ‘sleep stealers’ in your daily routine then provide personalized solutions to match your individual habits and routine. In addition, have you ever wondered how much sleep you personally need? Do you fall asleep as soon as you sit down in an airplane and wonder if this is a good or bad sign? In your consultation you will learn the answers to these and put to rest any other questions you have about sleep!

In addition to the experiential Sleep Consultation, the Master Sleep Suites will incorporate new products & amenities which aid in the science of sleep. One addition is the inclusion of air purifying plants in suite to detoxify the air & allow an optimal sleep environment. To combat jet-leg and to assist in adjusting to a new time zone, a Litebook® EDGE™ is included in the Master Sleep Suites. The litebook technology should be used for 15-30 minutes for those flying from the east in the early evening, to tell your body that you’re not ready to go to sleep. This will help you sleep through the night & reversely for those traveling from the west, we recommend the litebook technology being used first thing in the morning when waking up. Also, to help you sleep through the night the Master Sleep Suites are equipped with a white noise machine, that can be switched on, but the entire hotel is sound proof with triple panned windows, so one would never know they are sleeping in the middle of bustling New York City. The luxury blackout curtains in every room block light & noise to complement the new products.

The Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Chateau mattress is outfitted by our partner KASSATEX, NEW YORK, where they believe sleep-care is the new self-care. Each mattress is layered with their sustainable and best-selling percale bedding made from a blend of eucalyptus and cotton for a crisp, yet supremely soft feel. Scientifically, the eucalyptus in the bed linens transfer heat more effectively than other fabrics, to create natural moisture control, capable of breathability, to keep you cool for the optimal sleep environment for your body. To complement the bedding, KASSATEX provides wind-down tips for guests to prepare for a luxurious sleep in their linens.

Gravity Blankets and their paired Sleep Mask can be brought to your Master Sleep Suite on demand, as the weighted blanket is engineered to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce stress and to increase relaxation for better sleep. Finally, a custom Pillow Menu is available on demand, not only in the Master Sleep Suites, but for every single guest at The Benjamin. The pillow menu includes custom options for the back sleeper, the stomach sleeper and the side sleeper. Pillows include a Swedish Memory, a Cooling Cloud 10, an Anti-Snore, and a Five-Foot Body cushion, just to name a few!

When it comes to food & beverage, the Rest & Renew menu in every room offers tea selection by Palais des Thés, such as decaffeinated red & herbal teas. The menu includes bedtime snacks curated by The National like oatmeal topped with goji berries. Dr. Rebecca Robbins worked with The National team as she explained the science behind certain ingredients like Goji berries, which have the highest concentrations of melatonin and the third-highest antioxidant capacity of any common fruit. OLLY, who created multivitamins formulated by health & nutrition experts, has developed a SLEEP gummy to boost your body’s natural sleep hormone consisting of a blend of Melatonin, L-Theanine & Botanicals. The OLLY SLEEP gummies can be purchased via mini-bar and are included gratis as part of the Master Sleep Suite bookable package. Finally, The National developed a Sleep Cocktail and a new “Suite Dreams” dessert menu incorporating ingredients that promote sleep.

All guests of The Benjamin are able to take advantage of the hotel’s Power Nap amenities, providing everything from a signature eye mask and aromatherapy temple treatment to naptime turndown, bottled water and wake-up call; and a Work-Down Call, which is the reverse of a wake-up call and serves a reminder for guests to power down electronics and prepare for bed; and On Demand Meditation. Studies show meditation can mirror the restorative powers of deep sleep. Allow The Path, NYC-based meditation organization, to guide you through a meditation session. Any guest can dial “MEDITATION” on the in-room phone and choose from two-recorded 10-minute sessions.

To celebrate the evolution of The Benjamin’s sleep program & to inaugurate the new Master Sleep Suites floor, a bookable package has been created to include: a personal consultation with sleep expert, Dr. Rebecca Robbins, + OLLY Sleep Gummies, and Pajamas by Dagsmejan, the Swedish-Swiss manufacturer of a new kind of functional sleepwear, scientifically proven to cater to our physiological sleep needs. Kaia Naturals bath salts, and a Kitsch jade eye roller along with a food & beverage credit to enjoy snacks from The National is included + for the kids, Winks’ the Owl, the Benjamin mascot.

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