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Rest and Renew Program


Sleep Consultant & Author Rebecca Robbins Leads Hotel’s Sleep Team to Deliver Tools & Tips to Get Most Out of Awake Hours, Establish Bedtime Routines, Assess Pillow Wellness & More

New York, NY – Who does not strive to be their best? No one aims for mediocre. Yet sidelining the requirements for a good night’s sleep can leave one operating at far less than optimum capacity. The Benjamin, a luxury boutique hotel in midtown Manhattan, has long been known for its sleep-focused offerings, from a Sleep Concierge to a lengthy pillow menu; here sleep is core, not coincidence. In tandem with its re-launch in fall of 2013, following a $10 million renovation, the hotel revamped and renamed its sleep program, Rest & Renew, under the direction of sleep expert and author Rebecca Robbins. One major addition: The Benjamin staff was trained on how to sleep. At the end of the day, a hotel is selling a good night’s sleep. And you can’t sell what you are not good at.

Known to travel the world speaking on the latest sleep research, much of it conducted from Robbins’ base of studies and findings outlined in the book she co-authored in 2011 titled Sleep for Success!, Robbins is now the Official Sleep Consultant at The Benjamin, leading the hotel’s Sleep Team to provide the most up-to-date solutions and tools anchored in sleep medicine.

In addition to evaluating and updating the program elements, Robbins does what she believes is core to being the best: on-going training of the entire staff on getting a good night’s sleep. While the employee sleep trainings benefit the guests with the knowledge passed down, this is being implemented to ensure associates practice what they preach. “The team at The Benjamin needs to be at their best to deliver an exceptional guest experience and to do so they need to get the required nightly sleep, which is seven to eight hours for adults,” Robbins said. “We address the cumulative impact of not getting enough sleep, learn what I call the ‘Golden Keys for Sleep’ and customize sleep solutions for the different shifts, which is important for an operation that runs 24 hours a day.”

From tips for the night crew, such as wearing sunglasses on their way home so they can get to sleep faster in the daylight hours, to progressive muscle relaxation techniques, Robbins is equipping The Benjamin team with best practices to sleep soundly and, in turn, be at their best in terms of alertness and productivity on the job. The first set of trainings kicked off October 30 through November 1, 2013, timed with the end of Day Light Saving time. Each and every staff member from the executive team to housekeeping, covering all of the hotel’s shifts, attended the sleep seminars. Robbins trains the staff a numerous times throughout the year.

Robbins, who has stayed at The Benjamin numerous times, has taken a close look at the pillow menu, a roster 10 cushions deep, and made adjustments to the offerings. While a good number of the choices remain on the list, some have been replaced with updated selections from the Sleep for Success line of pillows that Robbins helped to engineer. The pillow menu is now arranged by sleeper type (side sleeper, back, stomach, etc.). If guests are not sure what type of sleeper they are, the staff can help in determining that as well. In addition, Robbins is training the housekeeping team on “pillow wellness” so that they can assess and determine which pillows need to be retired and replaced. (Guests interested can learn more about pillow wellness from the Sleep Team.)

While much of Robbins’ expert advice will be passed along to guests of The Benjamin via its Sleep Team, those who would like to delve deeper into sleep medicine can set up one-on-one consultations with Robbins at The Benjamin. With advance notice the hotel’s Sleep Team can arrange full- or half-day sessions for guests or small groups (she has already done one corporate group at the hotel). Robbins will underscore that sleep in not a luxury, rather a necessity, and help guests to implement healthy sleep practices.

Guests of The Benjamin are also be able to take advantage of the hotel’s Power Nap amenities, providing everything from a signature eye mask and aromatherapy temple treatment to naptime turndown, bottled water and wake-up call; Bedtime Bites by The National, a special selection of snacks (recommended 90 minutes before bedtime) prepared by Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s culinary team; and a Work-Down Call, which is the reverse of a wake-up call and serves a reminder for guests to power down electronics and prepare for bed.

The newly renovated guestrooms and suites at The Benjamin, designed under the guidance of Lauren Rottet, boast many new features and furnishings; there are elements that lend themselves to a great sleep environment that remain the same, including traditional bedside clocks that do not give off any light and blackout drapes.

For reservations, visit or call 1-888-4-BENJAMIN (1-888-423-6526).

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