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  • Dominika Paleta at The Benjamin

Bedside Reading Partnership

There’s nothing better than sinking into a comfortable, restful, and deep sleep while traveling. A recent study showed that “six minutes of reading reduces stress by 68%,” clearing the mind and preparing the body for sleep.

Guests of The Benjamin are invited to enjoy complimentary access to the latest e-books, podcasts, audiobooks, meditations and physical books from the comfort of your hotel room. Curated by our partners at Bedside Reading, choose from a selection of classic, family sagas, thrillers, business, leadership and children’s books. Once downloaded, the books are yours to keep forever, even after your stay with us in New York.

Jane Ubell-Meyer, founder of the Bedside Reading® program says, “I’m thrilled to provide guests of The Benjamin Hotel a way to destress, unplug, and relax. Our program offers a curated list to every guest staying at The Benjamin.”