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  • A comfy bed at The Benjamin Hotel in NYC

Rest and Renew

As featured on CBS, our unique Rest & Renew program, led by sleep medicine expert, Dr. Rebecca Robbins, provides solutions and tools to ensure the best possible night’s sleep, making bedtime a “dream come true.”
Our sleep program includes:

  • Top ten curated pillow menu
  • On Demand Meditation
  • Sleep masks, ear plugs, blackout curtains, noise machines, and a lullaby music library
  • 24/7 Sleep Team
  • Work-down and wake-up calls
  • Rest & Renew menu for best sleep solutions

Book any of our special offers and enjoy access to our Rest & Renew program.

A fluffy white bed at The Benjamin Hotel in NYC
Pillow Menu (Rest & Renew)

From a top ten pillow selection categorized by sleep position, our Rest & Renew Menu presents our best sleep solutions curated by The Benjamin’s Sleep Concierge Consultant Rebecca Robbins. The menu is on the bedside table of each room and suite.

5-Foot Body Cushion
Aligns the spine for better sleeping posture while reducing neck, back and joint pain. Perfect for pregnancy or recovering from surgery.

Cloud 10
Our most popular pillow – More than 10 million air beads keep the head cool at night and provide firm support for head and neck. Recommended for back sleepers.

Deeply buried in the hypoallergenic fiberfill, the ultra-thin speakers create an intimate and soothing sound experience. Simply plug into your MP3 player. Recommended for… Those who sleep on their stomach.

Snore-No-More – Reduces snoring to promote a deeper more restful sleep by elevating the chin from the chest, keeping the airway open. Recommended for… Those who sleep on their back.

Swedish Memory
Self-molding, heat sensitive foam shapes to the body and responds to temperature, keeping sleepers cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Recommended for… Those who sleep on their back or side.

Water Filled
Positions head and neck naturally for instant relief from headaches and neck pain. Vinyl cushion fills with warm or cold water, adjusting firmness and support. Recommended for stomach sleepers.

Sleep for Success Side Pillow
A two-inch baffled panel design provides a raised, even sleep surface for proper neck alignment and support.

Sleep for Success Children’s Pillow
This unique, down alternative pillow is made especially for children. Inside is a secret storage pouch for keeping their latest treasures.

Sleep for Success Back Sleeper
This pillow has an exclusive baffled design, a firm outer chamber that properly supports the neck, and a soft center chamber that gently cradles the head.

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On-Demand Meditation

Introducing On Demand Meditation, a first-of-its-kind program and our latest addition to our signature Rest & Renew offerings. This new program was created exclusively in partnership with The Path, NYC’s leader in modern meditation, and is science-backed by our resident Sleep Medicine Expert, Dr. Rebecca Robbins. On Demand Meditation offers you 10 minute meditation sessions at the touch of a button on all guest rooms phones, helping you energize and recharge during and after your stay. We took the ancient practice of meditation, and made it modern, approachable and accessible – reflective of today’s on demand society. It’s all so you can #BeAtYourBest.

On Demand Meditation offers you a choice between two complimentary meditations: mindfulness, to help you generate deeper focus and awareness; and mantra, to help you balance mood and sense of well-being – both are available 24/7 from the comfort and privacy of your guestroom.

Proven Benefits of Meditation:

  • Stress Relief
  • Improves Focus and Attention
  • Increases Social Connection
  • Increases Memory
  • Improves Empathy and Compassion
  • Decreases Anxiety
  • Boosts Your Immune Function
  • Improves Sleep

Simply select the “Meditation” button on your in-room phone and choose the session that speaks to you. We also offer a meditation set-up including candles and a cushion – available by dialing Housekeeping – to enhance the experience.
It’s the best way to get centered in the city.

  • Sleep Team

    Our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week sleep team is here to help you get your best possible rest. If you’d like suggestions on which pillow to choose from our Rest & Renew pillow menu or other sleep advice, our Sleep Consultant Rebecca Robbins has conducted training with each member of our staff from the front desk to the bellhop on fundamentals of sleep medicine and promotion of healthy sleep habits.

    A comfy bed at The Benjamin Hotel in NYC
  • Sleep Expert

    Dr. Rebecca Robbins is a Cornell sleep medicine professor and the co-author of Sleep for Success, traveling internationally to give talks on the latest sleepresearch. Much of the Rest & Renew program’s content and resources are based on the studies and findings outlined in her book. Robbins is available for custom sleep consultations while overseeing the hotel’s Sleep Team.

    Rebecca Robbins | Sleep Consultant