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  • Annika Bayer exploring downtown NYC

Keep Your Heels Head and Standards High

Living in the middle of the “Concrete Jungle” and living like a New Yorker has always been my dream, and this dream came true last week!

Between the holidays, we made a short trip to New York City. This time, there was no waiting at the passport control, so after a 25-minute taxi ride from JFK, we arrived at The Benjamin Hotel. We received a warm welcome immediately we got out of the taxi. The beautifully decorated Christmas entrance hall made my heart beat faster and I’m looking forward to our room. Within a few minutes, we were on the 24th floor of our One Bedroom Terrace Suite. Both our living room and our bedroom had a huge balcony, so I can see the exciting city life right from the top! And in the background, “Welcome to New York” by Taylor Swift was playing, of course.

We arrived in the evening and went to bed pretty quickly. I selected one pillow from the complimentary “Pillow Menu” and ordered it to our room. “Pillow Menu?” Yeah, right! I also heard about it for the first time but also had the best sleep for a long time! You can choose the right pillow for your sleep.

The next day, I was as relaxed as ever! Despite the time difference, I looked totally fresh. ? In the morning, we could choose to have breakfast at The National or have breakfast delivered to our room. Of course, we tried both during our stay.

The restaurant, The National, is located right in the hotel and offers on the menu everything you need for a trendy and delicious breakfast. We definitely did not miss anything from avocado, egg benedict to pancakes. My highlight was the breakfast in bed! From the bed, I could look directly into the neighboring house on the other side of the street, which I find totally exciting. Unfortunately, almost nobody was in the office. Either everyone was free or they just do not need to work. ? On the street below, I was lucky enough to watch the big city life, but in our room, there was no noise.

If you do not feel like leaving the hotel, which I can understand, you get everything in the room, you can enjoy amenities such as a gym or the spa area in the hotel, and the hotel indulges you in the evening with delicacies from The National.

Even though I could spend hours on our balcony despite the cold, we were naturally on the move during the day. You cannot live more centrally in The Benjamin Hotel than in Midtown Manhattan. Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue, or Central Park are within walking distance from the hotel.

After a long day in the city, I was all the more looking forward to our dinner in the room. After that, I put on one of my newly purchased clothes and went down to the bar of The National to get to know the New York nightlife!